Ritratti: i grandi innovatori del passato

The | Edge omaggia le storie di grandiosi personaggi storici, uomini e donne del passato, pionieri e pioniere dell’innovazione, che attraverso la diffusione del loro sapere e delle loro scoperte in ambito scientifico e tecnologico, hanno contribuito a rivoluzionare l’umanità.

Wallife: the Insurtech that protects individuals against risks arising from scientific and technological progress

Fabio Sbianchi talks about the visionary idea behind Wallife

The brainchild of Fabio Sbianchi, Wallife, an Insurtech start-up founded in 2021, protects individuals from risks arising from scientific and technological progress.

Constantly evolving technological and scientific innovations have improved human life, especially in the last 50 years; each discovery, however, has exposed human beings to inevitable risks, sometimes little perceived, but present in everyday life. Our lives have become much larger than the time between birth and death: the stimulus to understand how to stem the risks arising from this dimension of the ‘new man’, who alternates his existence between biological and digital, was the spark that allowed Fabio Sbianchi to conceive Wallife.

There are three macro-areas of risk – Genetics, Biometrics Biohacking – on which Wallife focuses its research activities, activities that aim to identify and mitigate the criticalities that have emerged from the negative consequences of scientific and technological innovations in the three aforementioned areas, with a focus on the protection of one’s digital identity and the defence against the distorted and fraudulent use of information on individual genetic heritage.

The intuition to investigate the risks of innovations that could interfere with our daily activities is an element that differentiates Wallife from other insurtechs. Wallifeis unique in that it combines research, technology and insurance, offering highly innovative products, positioning itself as a pioneer in markets that are still little explored, but have great potential.

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